Mit Adapt Ready-to-use responsive E-Learning im Team erstellen

Thomas Berger

Die neue Arbeitswelt fordert mehr Flexibilität, und die Arbeit in virtuellen Teams wird immer üblicher. 2016 nannte das Weltwirtschaftsforum flexible Arbeitsorganisation als einen der stärksten Treiber für wirtschaftliche Transformation. Dieser Trend macht auch vor dem Digital Learning nicht halt. So schrieb Clive Shepherd kürzlich: “[Websites] are also the work of teams of people who need to work together collaboratively from remote locations. You can only do that online. The e-learning world has to think similarly.“

Microlearning - less is more!

Elisabeth Siegel

Are you one of those? Quickly looking up things in a free moment, using a brief waiting period for vocabulary training, checking up on the latest news in-between: many of us do this on a daily basis. It is quite normal for us to use these small time slots. In a marketing context, Google has labeled them "Micro-Moments".  In Learning & Development  everybody is talking about microlearning. These are small, self-contained learning units between 10 seconds and a maximum of 10 minutes – also called microcontent or learning nuggets.