Enhancing Learning: The Power of Interactive Videos

Interactive videos not only provide the opportunity to consume content, but they also go a step further by actively involving viewers in the experience.

Why are videos so important for learning?

Videos have the unique ability to present complex information in an engaging and understandable format. Through visual and auditory stimuli, they can convey complex concepts and provide deep insights.

However, they also have their limitations. Passive playback requires high concentration and can easily lead to information overload.

Enter interactivity as the solution

This is where interactive videos come in. They enhance the learning experience by actively engaging viewers. Instead of just passively watching, learners can make active decisions, answer questions, or influence storylines.

What makes interactive videos effective?

  1. Focus on the essentials: Conciseness and focus help present information in an easily understandable way and maintain attention.
  2. Targeted attention steering: Interactive elements direct focus towards relevant information, thereby promoting a deeper understanding.
  3. Reflection and summarization: Including reflection questions and summaries support understanding and active processing of the content.

Various approaches to creation

There are different methods for creating interactive videos. One option is to convert existing videos by adding interactive elements. These could be comprehension questions or information that can be clicked on within the video. Another method, called "branching video," allows viewers to experience different storylines within the video. Learners have an influence on the course of the narrative, and depending on the decisions they make, the story being told changes. This needs to be considered from the beginning when creating the videos.

Tools for creation

You don't have to be an expert to create interactive videos. Tools like H5P offer user-friendly features for integrating interactive elements. The authoring tool is now also integrated into Totara, providing the opportunity to create interactive videos directly within the learning platform. Video platforms like Vimeo also offer easy-to-use features for making videos more interactive.

Advanced tools like Articulate Storyline and Evolve Authoring offer additional features for more elaborate productions. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more: Get in touch >>>

Challenges and solutions

Preparation plays a central role. Careful planning, consistent implementation, and review are crucial for the quality of interactive videos. Additionally, in-house production and using stock material can help reduce costs.

The question of hosting is also important. Integrating into corporate systems or learning platforms allows targeted access and organization of the content.


Interactive videos are a helpful method for improving learning. They offer the benefits of videos while also promoting active learner participation, leading to a more effective and efficient learning experience.