Tenants in Totara: An individual learning environment for each user

The multitenancy feature in Totara provides a powerful solution to modern learning management challenges. Tenants provide an effective way to individualize the learning experience for different audiences, thereby streamlining training and increasing efficiency within the organization. We take a closer look at how tenants work in Totara in this blog post.

What are tenants in Totara?

The Totara Talent Experience Platform offers organizations the ability to manage multiple independent instances within a single installation. This means that multiple organizations, departments or branches can use the same Totara installation while keeping their data and settings separate.

Each "tenant" has its own set of users, courses, programs, themes (branding) and settings. This way, the respective admins can customize and configure their tenant to their specific needs without affecting the other tenants.

Optimized management

Tenant management in Totara provides organizations with a cost-effective and efficient way to manage their training and development needs while keeping their data and settings separate and secure.

Each tenant has its own separate learning environment, allowing for clear separation of data and user profiles. By using tenants, training can be targeted to a specific group and ensure that employees* only take courses that are relevant to their work. This not only reduces training costs, but also allows resources to be used more effectively.

If there is learning content that is relevant to different audiences, it can be created once and shared with multiple clients.


Companies can change their tenants in the system as needed. As the company grows or changes, new tenants can be added or existing tenants can be customized. Totara is flexible to use and adapt to the company's circumstances.

In addition, training programs can be easily scaled and extended to different departments or branches while maintaining control and oversight of the entire system.

In today's business environment, it is critical that companies train their employees* on a regular basis to ensure that they stay current and continuously improve. The Totara Learning Management System enables companies to create and deliver learning content to users in a particularly effective and efficient way.