Shaping the future of learning with Totara

Nowadays, companies have to adapt to new requirements and changes more and more quickly in order to remain competitive. Having an agile and flexible learning platform is indispensable. Totara's Talent Experience Platform offers just that - an flexible system that was developed specifically for companies and can be extended and adapted. 

Diagram Totara TXP_Blog
The Totara TXP consists of three modules - Learn, Engage and Perform - which can be flexibly combined or implemented step by step depending on the company's needs. Totara Learn represents the learning management system (LMS), Totara Perform contains all functions related to performance management and Totara Engage can be used for social learning. 

Totara is considered "enterprise-ready" - it has been developed for companies and offers all the functions and security features that a learning platform needs. As an highly configurable and extendable system, Totara also allows companies to customise the platform to their specific needs. Features can be added or removed as needed and customised workflows and user roles can be defined. The LMS can also be seamlessly integrated with other systems and applications, such as HR systems, CRM systems or e-commerce platforms. The interface can be fully customised to the brand identity of the company. This flexibility enables the creation of a personalised and effective learning experience for users.

With single sign-on (SSO) support, users can authenticate once and access the system without having to log in again. This contributes to a better user experience and mitigates the security risk that multiple logins can pose. Totara supports various SSO protocols such as SAML, LDAP or OAuth, this allows the company to use existing authentication methods and ensure proper integration with other systems.

Totara can be self-hosted (on-premise) or offered as a hosted service (cloud). The decision depends on the specific requirements and resources of the company. Self-hosting requires IT infrastructure and the technical know-how to install and manage the system. This can be especially crucial for companies with very strict security and data protection requirements, as it gives complete control over the platform and data on it. If the hosting is done through a third party provider, they will take care of managing the system while the company can focus on content creation and learner training. This route is particularly suitable for companies that do not have their own IT resources.

With a comprehensive (custom) reporting function, Totara provides insight into learning behaviour and performance. Data on users' learning activities and progress can be collected and analysed to optimise training. This is not limited to internal learners/employees. Totara is designed to be used for extended enterprise purposes as well. Companies can make their learning offer available to external target groups such as partners or customers. Using a multi-tenant function, the learning offer can be controlled centrally via one platform, while ensuring that data is protected and kept separate from each other.

Totara offers a robust platform that combines the three modules Learn (LMS), Perform (Performance Management) and Engage (Social /Collaborative Learning) and is more cost-effective and at the same time significantly more flexible compared to many other SaaS solutions. The Totara TXP is suitable for companies and organisations of all sizes and industries and should definitely be considered when implementing a new system or changing an existing one.

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