MaibornWolff Wins Totara Award for Best employee development project

MaibornWolff, a leading digital consultancy, has consistently driven innovation across industries with its commitment to continuous learning and development. Recognized for empowering its employees to excel, MaibornWolff has received the prestigious Totara Award for Best Employee Development Project.

The Challenge of Unifying Learning Systems

In its dedication to continuous growth, MaibornWolff faced the task of unifying diverse learning systems across various international locations to cater to over 1300 employees. They aimed to maintain the essence of existing systems while elevating functionality and user experience. Collaborating with LearnChamp, MaibornWolff undertook the ambitious project to enhance Totara's standard features to meet specific organizational needs.

Transforming Learning with Totara

By integrating Totara, MaibornWolff has successfully centralized its learning management into a single, cohesive platform, incorporating everything from seminars to e-learning and user-generated content. This transformation has streamlined learning processes, allowing employees to access relevant materials efficiently. Noteworthy enhancements include advanced reporting for monitoring training budgets and a bespoke dashboard feature that visualizes learning journeys through interactive elements, significantly boosting user engagement. Furthermore, the introduction of Totara Engage has fostered a collaborative learning environment across global teams, with AI integrations set to further enhance the system's capabilities.

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