Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Approach - Compliance and Safety Training

A technology company with over 4,000 employees worldwide is opening a new academy to promote talents and to focus on the training and development of its employees. With a digital platform and tailored e-learning courses, employees should be able to learn at their own pace and location and benefit from flexible and self-directed learning. For professional support, the company has turned to LearnChamp.

But where do you start?

At the beginning, it can be difficult to find a structure to fill a new platform with content. When introducing e-learning to a company, it makes sense to start with topics that are relevant to all employees. That's why a topic was chosen that is particularly important for a company of this size: Compliance and Anti-Corruption

Compliance training - who hasn't had it before

Let's be honest, we have all had to endure a boring and never-ending compliance training. But it can be different.

LearnChamp has many years of experience in transforming topics that initially seem dry in a way that makes them exciting and practical for learners. How do we do it? Dry subject matter is rarely remembered. Only when learning content is embedded in a real and useful context does episodic memory come into play. That's why we rely on scenarios that show a realistic experience in employees' everyday lives. This ensures better retention of newly acquired knowledge. Additionally, questions like "when will I really need this?" can be answered right away.

Julia and Martin take learners on a journey

At the beginning of the e-learning course, Julia and Martin are introduced. They are the digital officers for the topics of compliance and anti-corruption and guide learners through the course's chapters.

Compliance und Sicherheit_1

During the course, learners repeatedly encounter scenarios and situations that are tailored to the technology company's work environment. Some examples used in the course actually occurred within the company.

Compliance und Sicherheit_2

By telling scenarios, employees are not just simple recipients but rather actors who link a concept with their own experiences.

Compliance und Sicherheit_3

But what if you just want to look something up quickly?

In addition to the scenarios and practical examples, we have integrated reference works for the topics of compliance and anti-corruption into the course so that students can search for specific information. There, learners will find all the important information compactly packaged in a separate chapter so that they can access the content in a more targeted manner.

Compliance und Sicherheit_4

Topic number 2 - Safety Training

After the successful creation of the Compliance and Anti-Corruption Training, the company decided to create another e-learning course with LearnChamp. Safety training for all employees - an indispensable topic for every technology company.

For this course, we deliberately chose a different concept because safety requires even more practical relevance. Unlike the Compliance and Anti-Corruption course, photorealistic graphics were used for the safety training to depict everyday situations as realistically as possible. With the help of photos, employees can better identify with the information that is tailored exactly to the company.

Compliance und Sicherheit_5

Compliance und Sicherheit_6In addition, we have incorporated many playful elements into this course to encourage learners to reflect and discover. Exercises like these bring interaction to the course to make the topic more varied. They ensure that learners think before they get the information. This way, the learning remains better in the memory - as opposed to pure texts or audio tracks that can become monotonous after some time.

Need a little variety?

These two e-learning courses demonstrate that not everything has to be the same. On the contrary, depending on the topic and target group, it is important to find the right approach and concept to make learning engaging and effective. Even the graphic style (illustrations or photos) may differ. Still, it is essential that the courses offer a consistent user experience. Recurring elements such as buttons, interaction options, etc. should always be designed in the same way so as not to make life unnecessarily difficult for learners.

By using a combination of real-life scenarios, practical examples, and interactive elements, LearnChamp was able to create customized courses that meet the needs of the technology company's employees. The compliance and anti-corruption course and the safety training course are just the beginning of the company's new Academy, which will undoubtedly help promote talent development and foster a culture of continuous learning within the organization.