Extend your LMS - Bringing Totara to your customers and partners

Totara is a Talent Experience Platform famous for its role in the development of business employees due to its flexibility and adaptability. However, Totara can be so much more! It can provide a range of services for extended enterprise learning, which means that it can support the learning needs of individuals and groups outside of an organization. If you are searching for a customer or partner-oriented digital solution, or even better, if you are also looking to cover the professional development of your employees with an all-in-one learning platform, Totara might be just what you need. 

Which target groups can Totara reach as an extended enterprise service? 

Here are the most common:

  1. Partners: Totara can be used to deliver training to partners such as resellers, distributors, and suppliers. This can include training on products, services, and policies. This can be especially relevant for manufacturing businesses.
  2. Customers: Companies all over the world - be it in the Healthcare, Technology or Environmental field - benefit from Totaras self-enrollment and guest access features to open up their platform to customers and teach them how to use products, services, and software. Training types can include self-paced courses, webinars, and virtual training.
  3. Franchisees: Totara may be the perfect solution to enable franchises to grow, by offering franchisees trainings on how to run the business, use systems, and sell products.

But why stop at just one user group? Thanks to its audience and multitenancy features, Totara enables companies to reach all of their target groups – including their employees – without the need to have multiple separate systems to manage. The content of each tenant can be aimed to fit the specific needs of each group. 

Which types of extended franchise contents and services can Totara provide?

Here are some examples:

  • Programs and Certifications: Totara Learn allows businesses to create and bundle courses into programs and certifications – such as compliance certifications – which guide their external partners and customers to the achievement of their learning goals. This is accompanied by reliable tracking and reporting e.g. on training completion and compliance status, as well as the chance to provide learners with certificate and digital badges.
  • Community learning: Thanks to its Engage module, Totara can be deployed to build and support learning communities for customers, partners, and other external stakeholders. This can be done through discussion forums, knowledge sharing and gathering, as well as the integration with MS Teams.
  • Event management: Through the integrated seminar and webinar management, Totara offers a place to keep track of booking, attendance as well as logistics both for on-site and digital events and trainings. 

Overall, Totara provides a comprehensive platform for extended enterprise learning that enables organizations to extend their training and development programs beyond their own walls. It provides a flexible and customizable solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the extended enterprise, allowing organizations to deliver targeted and effective training to their external stakeholders.