SuccessFactors Ready-to-use Services

Everything-as-a-service comes to HR with LearnChamp’s ready-to-use services for SuccessFactors. Benefit from pre-configured and tested SuccessFactors modules as well as ongoing user acceptance and support services. Go-live in a fraction of the usual implementation time and innovate constantly. All at a fixed price and with less risk.
But what is most important to us is that after the successful implementation of the SuccessFactors HCM suite modules, LearnChamp will remain at your side. Because our common objective is a high user adoption by your employees and managers.

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Most of us in HR and IT might have a déjà vu when reading the following: After a well thought out plan to (partly) move away from legacy HR systems to reinvent talent management, one or several cloud HR modules (from SuccessFactors) are implemented. But the devil is in the details as Mike Ettling, president SAP SuccessFactors, said at SuccessConnect 2015 in Rome.
Probably user adoption did not take off, or the fit to standard software-as-a-service model could not cope with all the functional requirements that everybody in your company got used to in a heavily customized on premise application. Or the pace of innovation in the Cloud was too much to take for administrators and users or at least it was too much effort to inform and train them. Maybe implementation took too long and internal project teams did not have enough time besides their day-to-day jobs. Finally, finance and/or purchasing were asking why subscription pricing invoices had already started without productive use in sight.

Just pick one or add one.

Even if there is no simple answer to all those questions we consider service to be the most important aspect in terms of a profound improvement. Everything-as-a-service as the underlying concept.
But why is this not common place yet? Because the HR cloud market is running at full steam and vendors and implementation partners have more work than they can handle with implementing new cloud applications alone. Some might say it is a bit like a hit and run game. Droves of clients need revamped HR applications.

Take our SuccessFactors practice at LearnChamp as an example in recent years. Lots of new clients wanted to implement their first SuccessFactors modules; existing clients needed additional modules. Busy times. The first response to that was a faster implementation methodology. But to achieve higher long-term user adoption and client satisfaction another change was needed. That is why we have an even clearer distinction going forward between custom and iterative implementations on the one hand and true best practice service packages that go way beyond a quick implementation.

We call that SuccessFactors Ready-to-use services.

ready to use

Ready-to-use services include software subscription for SuccessFactors, the initial setup and implementation as well as ongoing user acceptance and support services during the contract lifetime.
LearnChamp makes use of its long-term expertise with SuccessFactors and is offering service packages for:

  • Recruiting including a state-of-the-art responsive career page
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management
  • Succession Planning and
  • Social Collaboration

The implementation model leverages preconfigured SuccessFactors instances to ensure a fast go-live based on best practice processes and functionality including reports. This is good news for the total-cost-of-ownership because SuccessFactors applications deliver real-life value after a few weeks already. Subsequently LearnChamp proactively works with its clients on an ongoing basis to continually improve the system, to enable administrators, managers and employees by offering them ongoing admin and user trainings, support and coaching.

Reach out to LearnChamp to discuss if SuccessFactors Ready-to-use services are an option for your organization today. Implement SuccessFactors way faster and improve constantly. We are ready.

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