Reward for Hard Work – LearnChamp Receives SAP Recognized Expertise Award

Christmas preparations are well underway, and we are pleased to have received an early Christmas present: LearnChamp is the first Austrian SAP partner company to be awarded the SAP Recognized Expertise award in HR Cloud Solutions. We are delighted with this award and it truly reflects the hard and successful work our team has put in.

It comes as a result of our long-term consistently implemented strategy, which aims to become one of SAP’s leading consulting and implementation partners in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region in the area of the SuccessFactors HCM Suite.
It is all the more gratifying knowing that SAP has recognized and confirmed our efforts in this way.

I would now like to provide some more details on the content of the certification program and the advantages for customers.

What is SAP Recognized Expertise?

SAP Recognized Expertise is an SAP certification awarded to partners who can demonstrate expertise gained over many years in specific industries or for specific SAP solutions. Companies must fulfill the following criteria to take part in the certification program:

  • Name at least three trained or certified consultants
    (requirements differ depending on the SAP solution)
  • Specify at least two reference projects per consultant
  • Present a go-to-market plan for the respective SAP solution
  • Demonstrate successful execution of the go-to-market plan

All of this information must be submitted to SAP, where it will be evaluated in detail. Furthermore, SAP reference customers are contacted and given a questionnaire regarding the quality of consultation and product expertise of the partner in the project. SAP uses this information to decide whether or not to award the SAP Recognized Expertise.

As a certified partner, LearnChamp may now officially use the SAP Recognized Expertise logo and is listed on the SAP Partner Directory and on the SAP website .

What are the advantages of the SAP Recognized Expertise designation for our customers?

The SAP Recognized Expertise certification program aims to provide customers with maximum transparency concerning SAP partner companies, their focus, and the quality of their products and services. This way, customers can quickly find a partner for an upcoming SAP project, whereby the partner’s project experience and product expertise has been demonstrably verified by SAP. Furthermore, customers have the option to require these kinds of qualifications in project tenders, which saves valuable time and money in the selection process and makes it possible to begin the project sooner.

This designation clearly demonstrates the path and strategy we are pursuing at LearnChamp. We will continue to build on these successes in order to offer our customers the best possible service.


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