The 2014 SAP Personal Management Forum in Baden, Switzerland

The SAP Personal Management Forum took place in Baden’s TRAFO Cultural and Conference Centre on November 20th, 2014. I attended the event and would like to use this blog post to report back on two of the 16 presentations given.


The first presentation was held by Joachim Förderer, Senior Director Product Management at SAP SE, and covered SAP HR product strategy. The second was a customer presentation on recruiting and global job postings by Lukas Jezler, Director Corporate Human Resources Management at SONOVA Holding.

Joachim Förderer had a number of distinct messages for the SAP HR customers gathered in Switzerland:

  • SAP HR OnPremise will be fully supported for longer than originally announced, specifically until 2025 (in other words, another ten years). There are also functional improvements, with a special focus on improvements to the user experience through technologies like SAP Fiori. I believe this is an important and correct step towards making better use of the already comprehensive functionality in day-to-day business.

  • In terms of talent management, the focus of SAP’s innovations and thereby investments are clearly on the cloud-based SuccessFactors HCM Suite.

  • In addition, there is still a great deal of emphasis on the rapidly progressing improvement of SuccessFactors’ Employee Central for core HR module in the cloud. It is already available in 71 countries. There are around 200 developers at SAP Germany working on this module, in addition to the teams in the U.S. and elsewhere.

  • SAP supports a range of deployment options for its customers. Customers can either remain with SAP HR OnPremise, provided no major changes are required, or rely on the Talent Hybrid or the side-by-side scenario. For example, use SAP HR OnPremise for the management of personnel master data and payroll together with talent management modules in the cloud or in the cloud entirely in some countries or divisions. The most radical scenario available at this time is full cloud for HR processes.

  • Mr. Förderer believes that all (SAP) customers/companies will ultimately end up opting for the full cloud version (even if only in the distant future).

The other presentation that I would like to highlight was held by SONOVA and covered recruiting. The world leader for hearing solutions already uses SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (but not the SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing module) and has also implemented multi-posting software from Solique.

  • Up to now, many of SuccessFactors recruiting customers in Europe have ‘only’ implemented the Recruiting Management module, which mainly delivers workload reductions and increased professionalism in the backend for management and recruiting.

  • If the SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing module is not implemented as well, it is not possible to attractively design job advertisements. Multi-posting on different job portals or social media channels is also not executed fully automatically.

  • SONOVA remedied the situation with the software from Solique, a technology partner of SuccessFactors in multi-posting. Using the tool, it is possible to display job advertisements with continuous branding on the Internet as well as on job portals or for print advertisements. Optimized display for mobile devices is also covered. What’s more, it is very easy to post in different channels.

I believe Solique is a good solution for European customers who immediately require a mature multi-posting solution and do not want to wait for the quarterly SuccessFactors releases or do not want to implement Recruiting Marketing. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in this regard.

The event ended with a surprise guest: Anitra Eggler from Austria conducted what you might call a digital therapy session. In terms of content, it focused strongly on the ‘Smartphone Off, Life On’ motto and breaking free from the Homo connectus age. Facts and anecdotes on all aspects of e-mail madness, useless Internet surfing, the negative effects on our productivity, and much more were presented with a great deal of humor. With this in mind, I’m going to switch off my iPad for the rest of the day.


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